The Lab

The research infrastructure of the laboratory comprises a number of hardware and software platforms used for developing and testing new technologies in the area of multimedia networking, featuring:


    • 1GBps Ethernet backplane with VLAN support and high-speed (aggregate 1GBps) direct connection to the Internet. Custom firewalling and routing with dedicated equipment (Cisco 2921 Integrated Router, Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall and VPN Concentrator)


    • A Complete end-to-end DVB-T/DVB-S broadcasting platform (mpeg2/mpeg4 encoder, media router, encapsulator, multiplexer, modulator, amplifier, receivers) for broadcast programs and interactive applications

    • A set of two Autonomous Systems, supporting MPLS/Diffserv for emulating large-scale IP networks

    • A complete IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), fully configurable and customisable, for deploying and testing IMS-compatible applications

    • Experimental private computing cloud infrastructure, based on OpenStack and four Dell R510 Servers (one cluster and three node controllers)

    • IP Traffic Generator and Measurement system for precise network measurements under various load scenarios (based on dedicated servers and GPS-based timing system for μsec accuracy)

    • A WiMAX system with one Base Station and two Subscriber Units for deploying fixed wireless services

    • A laboratory-built Network- and Perceived-Quality of Service analysis testbed for measuring and correlating N- and P-QoS for IP-based video applications

    • A 70 m terrestrial mast for terrestrial broadcasting and wireless networking applications

    • A satellite ground station for media satellite broadcasting (has operated with HellasSat II and Atlantic Bird III satellites)